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Smart Matching

Matching Products On Different Sites

Matching your products with those of the competition is at the heart of our platform. It's arguably the most important aspect of comparing products to each other. We have different kinds of matching available and it depends on your needs which is suited for you. We will go through them one by one.
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Simple URL Matching

This is the simplest form of matching and works great when you have a small number of products. Just provide us with your products and exact competitor URLs and the matching is done. Here is basically no intelligence and the matching is done by just putting the product URLs together.

Simple URL With Product Variant Matching

This is almost the same as above, except that our team will make sure that the different variants of the product on the given URLs are matched correctly. Eg. a t-shirt in 8 different colors. Without the variant matching, the first price on the page will be taken and with the variant matching the correct variants of the products will be matched.

EAN / SKU / UPC Matching

If products have good EANs / SKUs / UPCs etc. this can be great for matching them. This is still a form of matching that can be easily done by the client. Just make sure your own product EANs are correct and if those are also displayed on the competitors websites, this is a great way to match the products.

Name Matching

Another possibility if all of the above don't work for your products is matching by name. Although this is difficult, we have a sophisticated regex matching engine where you can match slight variations of products names to each other. This is not an easy task and regex is by no means something one can do intuitively, but with some help of our matching specialists, this is still a great option if you want to do the matching yourself.

Manual (Full Service) Matching

Our go to option for a lot of our bigger clients is the manual (full service) matching option. Here our matching specialists take over completely. Just give us the base urls of the sites you want to monitor and we do all the matching for you, using the techniques that best fit your products. Often we set this up with a lot of consultation with the client, because you still know the most about your products and your market.

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"We never have to worry, the service really is top-notch!" - Naoise Jaydon

"Outsourcing our data collection to The Dutch Selection was the best decision we made last year." - Nerva Ingegärd

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"Questions are always answered quickly and they give you the feeling that you're important to them." - Juventas Marina

"We wanted to build something like this ourselves, but we're happy we went with the solution of these guys." - Husam Gadisa

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