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Fully-branded data reports delivered in a presentation-ready format of your choice

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A Competitive Edge With Data-Driven Reports

  • Unlock the power of data at every level of your organization
  • Empower everyone, regardless of technical expertise, to make smart data driven decisions
  • Fully maintained by our data analysts
  • Delivered in any desired frequency
  • Hassle free setup, no coding required
  • Our custom reports are fully-branded and delivered in a presentation-ready format of your choice

Stunning Reports

Data Visualisation Tailored To Your Needs

Often organizations lack the time or resources to develop an in-house data solution and hire a full-time team of data scientists. Save money and time with our custom data reports so you can focus on business growth. As a dedicated data partner, we take care of the entire scope of data collecting, processing and visualizing.

  • Leverage the expertise of our team of data specialists and unlock unparalleled levels of actionable insight to grow your business
  • Automate reporting and easily visualize and share data throughout your organization
  • All data is closely monitored by our team of dedicated data-analysts
  • We aspire long term success for our clients and believe in ongoing support to maximize customer satisfaction
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Common Use Cases

Competitive Intelligence
Receive fully branded reports to find out how you stack up against your competitors. Have accurate and actionable data at your fingertips and stay ahead of the market. Track your business performance in the glimpse of an eye and quickly respond to market changes.
Price Level Analysis
Leverage our price data reports to outpace the competition and optimize your pricing strategy. Enrich your organization with accurate price data to determine the optimal price and boost your profits. Start receiving presentation ready price reports to stay ahead of your competition and out price them.
Internal Data Sharing
Empower every level of your organization to make quick and data driven decisions with easy to understand custom reports. Use data visualization to share important insights throughout your organization. Transform into a data driven company by incorporating our concise and clear cut data reports.

What Our Customers Say About Us

"We outsourced 10 of our external data reports to these guys and we have never looked back."

"Outsourcing our data collection to The Dutch Selection was the best decision we made last year."

"We love working with our team in The Dutch Selection."

"Questions are always answered quick and they give you the feeling that you're important to them."

"Our reports really give us an edge over our competitors since they are always accurate and delivered on time."

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